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    Don’t be shy 😌 to diverse your copy 📝 with some interesting additions 😏. So, fasten your seat-belts because it’s ⌚ to...

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    Don’t be shy 😌 to diverse your copy 📝 with some interesting additions 😏. So, fasten your seat-belts because it’s ⌚ to 🤓 📖 💡. Your 📝 will turn into 🧲 and get 💯readers. 

    Mostly emojis are all about online chatting with the nearest and dearest. We allow ourselves to be more sincere. We become comfortable to add silly and funny emojis when speaking to our friends and family. Sometimes we don’t even need to write a response, just that one perfect smiley face speaks louder than words do. The hidden truth is emojis create this feeling of warmth and familiarity when a company or brand correctly applies them.

    To get to know more about the power of warm smiles, read this post, dive deep into ideas for their usage in web copies and try them out with Weblium, the company of web design aficionados and enthusiasts.

    What is Emoji? (and why :)) is not the same as 😀

    There are two types of commonly used tools to enrich your text and add emotional value to it. Those are emoticons (textual :)) and emojis (pictorial 😀) ways of displaying one’s reaction, intent, or reinforcement for a conveyed message. Emoticons are usually associated with human emotions, while Emojis do not specifically mean expression. They are also an additional way to replace words or decorate messages. 

    Many saw the future in emojis, and they predicted the interest of their inclusion in different media outlets. We are more prone to be visually stimulated when interacting with text-based outlets and smiling emoji can evoke the respective reaction to it. Everyone is likely to have favorite emojis, but there are always some that are the most frequently used. Here are Americans’ emoji favorites.

    emoji graphic

    When and why to use emojis in marketing and business communication?

    Emojis became a usual practice in informal communication for quite some time, and usage of emojis in business and marketing is rising seemingly recently. It’s quite a way for companies to adapt to rapidly changing tendencies. Emojis are dominating social media platforms, where brands can communicate with their customers. 

    The latest study shows that the emoji usage depends on the context and communicators, and sometimes the warmthcompetence paradigm can be mutually exclusive. Customers perceive service employees who use emoticons as higher in warmth but lower in competence compared to those who do not. For instance, Domino’s Pizza relies on a friendly relationship with their customers, and the warmth factor is more salient. 

    emoji usage domino`s pizza

    emoji usage domuno`s pizza2

    Banking companies, on the contrary, would much rather rely on the competence factor and not likely to use emoji marketing in communication. 

    Companies shouldn’t be strangers to their customers on such platforms as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Agora study shows that Facebook impressions, engagements, and interactions are impacted by the usage of emojis. The difference is quite visible. The rate of impressions are higher for 7.99%, engagements for 23.78%, and clicks 28.87% in posts with emojis than those without emojis. 

    Interestingly, Twitter is still an unknown valley. Different statistics show contradicting data. Some state that tweets without emojis are more likely to get noticed, while the example of restaurant industry shows that engagement rate has increased by 260%. We noticed that the brand post’s engagement and impressions are indeed higher than those without emojis.

    Emails are not that transparent since emojis in subject lines always reinforce the written meaning (the bad subject line cannot be undone). Moreover, they save space and convey additional emotions in your news 😍. Also, the heart and update about sales is more noticeable than just delivering the news ✉️. On the other hand, you have to understand who’s your recipient and how not to make a disaster of it because of different rendering.

    Arguably, you can give it a shot and make an experiment with emoji marketing. It is important to learn both from wins and fails because even though people try to create a perfect formula, the human factor is always in advance. Still, we would recommend not to overdo the visual part of the message, because then it becomes a bit distractful. Back in 2015 Chevrolet raised the stakes and made a press release entirely in emojis, which created a buzz. Let us know about the Chevrolet example, was it worth a try? 🧐

    chevrolet emoji marketing

    How to use emojis in your web copies?

    Almost every device supports emojis and has a unique design of them. In essence, emojis are not pictures but symbols. The easiest way to deal with an item is by copy-pasting it. However, sometimes there must be an additional effort for correct displaying: HTML code, CSS, JavaScript, and usage of codepoints. Yet, it is indeed easier to use a good old Ctrl C + Ctrl V method (Cmd C + Cmd V on Macs), if your software is updated and running correctly. We are lucky to have a collection of relevant emojis, where the fullest and the most comprehensive one is presented at Emojiperia. But sometimes ‘something’ is happening and you have to rely on patience and unicode that would display accordingly. 

    now to use emojis

    now to use emojis2

    We want that plane emoji to land, not to crash. ✈️ Therefore, we have to be careful with our ideas and always count on one’s interpretation. Usually, we expect web copy to be easy to read, straightforward, and transparent. Therefore, the first rule may be not counting too much on emoji usage, but adding them to express something more or reinforcing to what is already said. We don’t want our landing to be desperate for attention. 

    The perfect solution is the clever integration of emojis into titles, descriptions, and subtitles. It works in a similar mechanics applied in email subject lines complementary emoji is better than none. We are easily encouraged to click that title and pay attention to the offer when we trust our feelings.

    emoji in web copy

    For increasing brand recognition you can design custom emojis, that will be associated with your product or campaign. It is not directly related to the concept of web copy, but what a nice investment. When seeing an abstract pizza or burger we already have an idea, then why not giving a try for some design decisions. 

    Benefits of using emojis on your website:

    • It increases customer’s engagement and interaction.
    • It creates a lasting impression of a brand.
    • It sets a specific tone of brand-customer communication.
    • Complementary emoji sometimes is better than none.
    • It helps to gather and analyze feedback.

    You can add emojis to your web copy without any extensive knowledge in emoji magic with AI powered website builder Weblium. It offers a free and easy test run for your convenience and fun 🎉🎉🎉.

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