Personalization, dark mode, animation, and more: 5 hottest email design trends in 2022

    Personalization, dark mode, animation, and more: 5 hottest email design trends in 2022

    Long gone are the times when brand newsletters were just correspondence. In 2020, the email marketing segment was valued at $7.5 billion; this figure...

    Long gone are the times when brand newsletters were just correspondence. In 2020, the email marketing segment was valued at $7.5 billion; this figure is expected to escalate to $17,9 billion in 2027. Impressed? We’ve got some more statistics for you: today, there are around 4 billion daily email users, which means that half of the world’s population reads newsletters daily!

    The value email marketing can bring to your business multiplies with all these increasing numbers. Today, it’s a powerful tool you can use whether you’re running a million-dollar company or just starting a business. In fact, 64% of small businesses implement emails to their marketing campaigns to promote products and services. This helps them:

    • Build a solid brand image through tone of voice and visual aesthetic;
    • Communicate brand values through people’s stories;
    • Retain subscribers with unique content;
    • Nurture people with insights and tips; 
    • And, of course, convert clicks into sales.

    To leverage the power of this tool, businesses need to have reasonable offers, provide personalized experiences, and feature bold email marketing designs. Your email’s appearance plays an essential role in attracting and retaining clients, so let’s explore email design in more detail. 

    Here are some of the questions we’re going to answer in this article:

    1. What are the 5 hottest email marketing trends in 2022?
    2. How do other brands use 2022 trends to enhance their marketing?
    3. How do you create emails that are up-to-date and brand-appropriate?

    Trend #1. Personalized content

    The more content people get, the more demanding they become. While 2021 was already all about personalized experiences, this year’s taking this email design trend to a new level. Exclusive content is what users are looking for.

    While addressing a subscriber by name or offering a special discount are good examples of personalized content, these are not enough anymore. With the development of AI technologies that can analyze user preferences and digital habits, personalized content becomes more and more complex. As a result, it brings more value to readers.

    Email marketers who segment customers claim that their revenues increased by 760%. This means that the age of your customers, the time you send an email, the discount you offer, the subject line you use, and even the signature you finish your newsletter with should all be considered in an email campaign. Email blast design doesn’t work anymore.

    Case study: Grammarly — an online platform that helps people enhance their writing — is obsessed with personalized content. Its marketers use customized content, including anniversary congratulations, weekly writing updates, special offers, yearly wrap-ups, etc. Such an approach to product email design helps the company build personal connections with each client and strengthen a retention campaign. 

    While Grammarly’s approach is an example of the best practices, creating an email campaign of such a scale can be challenging for small businesses. Instead, you can start by:

    • Designing a creative signature that communicates your brand;
    • Making several options of a yearly report based on subscribers activity;
    • Adding a couple of buttons for different customer segments.

    The sporting goods manufacturer Salomon is an expert in using simple personalization tricks in their newsletters. For instance, the brand makes the customer experience simple by adding multiple buttons for different audiences or needs. Use this idea as email design inspiration for your future campaign!

    Take this simple quiz to see if your email marketing activities are living up to the industry standards.

    Trend #2. Interactive elements and animation

    Videos engage people more than any other sort of content. Due to Martech Advisor, email animation boosts click rates up to 300%. People expect entertaining content from brands, whether it’s a funny GIF, simple quiz, gallery with new products, or an animated aesthetic email icon. The ideas are limitless, so small businesses can add simple animations to their emails without a large budget.

    Apart from entertaining readers (which is essential), interactive content can help you with other goals:

    • Highlighting the benefits of your product by using a cool animated roll-out instead of a boring list;
    • Simplifying user experience by leading readers to specific products with buttons;
    • Introducing new features by showing how they work in videos;
    • Saving space by promoting new products with the help of sliders;
    • Improving accessibility by giving readers typography size and mode options.

    Case study: the sportswear brand, Protest, uses interactive elements to transfer popular e-commerce practices to their emails. They allow their customers to choose the swimwear’s model and color in the email before shopping.

    Oakley is a brand that uses a slider to introduce its products, which is also a good email design example of how interaction can simplify user experience and boost sales simultaneously.

    If these examples are out of your price range, you can always go with more straightforward options. There are hundreds of email template ideas in VistaCreate that you can use. Just select an email header template, animate objects on it, and you’ll get an engaging design in a few clicks.

    Trend #3. Dark mode and neon shades

    Since dark mode was first introduced by Apple and Android in 2019, its popularity has grown. Dark mode is a tool that reverses colors on your device’s screen. All the UI elements, including text, icons, buttons, etc., appear on a dark background instead of a white one.

    Not only does dark mode reduce eye strain, but it also saves the battery life of your device and gives your email a classy feeling. Today, more and more email services, like Gmail, Apple-Mail, and Outlook adopt this email design trend. So next time you’re planning an email marketing campaign, get inspired with the best email designs and create a dark version for your newsletter.

    Case study: Dark mode is an excellent opportunity for businesses to experiment with colors, as they appear differently on light and dark backgrounds. For instance, Wave, a meditation app, and fitness platform, Peloton, use neon colors to highlight important messages and encourage users to click on buttons.

    Aside from giving more opportunities for accents, dark mode also influences your email’s aesthetic. Bright shades on a dark background stand out and look modern, which is why brands will use these color combinations in 2022.

    Trend #4. Gradient and monochrome layouts

    You can use more than just black and white for your email layout. Why not give your email design a modern touch? Consider using a gradient color palette, different shade combinations, or even a design pattern. This will help you draw attention while staying on top of email design trends.

    The popularity of gradient email marketing graphics comes from 1960s nostalgia. Psychedelic influences, hippie fashion, groovy vibes, and bright colors are all parts of the 1960s aesthetic, which will be used in all forms of graphic design in 2022. 

    Monochrome layouts are also a more creative approach to email marketing design. You can use one color or combine a couple of shades to create a beautiful email background. At the same token, remember to use muted, pale, and pastels colors, as vivid tints might make your email difficult to read.

    Pro tip from VistaCreate: if you find it hard to combine colors for an email layout, check out VistaCreate’s palette generator. Choose a color combination that matches your brand’s aesthetic and use a couple of shades from it for your email.

    Case study: Baggu, a Californian bag manufacturer, uses a retro aesthetic for their email. The email doesn’t look cluttered despite using gradients, experimenting with fonts, and showing patterned bags. Use it as email design inspiration for your future campaigns.

    A sexual wellness brand, Maude, uses muted green and grey to give their email a sophisticated touch. White letters are readable over a dark background, and their product photo accentuates the layout. Simple, but chic.

    Trend #5. Feedback and reviews

    Social proof makes your business trustworthy, which is why more and more brands use customer feedback in their marketing materials. Today, people google reviews for any good before purchasing it. So, feedback starts to influence buying decisions more than ads.

    Adding review to email is one of the best email trends in 2022. Why? It’s free and effective, so not only big companies can benefit from its advantages. Small businesses can also use this trend to increase organic traffic and make their products look desirable.

    Case study: there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to feedback in your email. Some brands use customer avatars and short bio texts next to reviews; others prefer to make them anonymous. You can ask clients to rate your product in an email or even use feedback from a team member. This email trend’s meaning can be interpreted in many ways.

    Thinx, a company that produces feminine hygiene products, mastered reviews in emails: see how they create a story from a team member’s personal experience. A little creativity turns your email into an exciting read.

    Wrapping up

    We’ve explored the 5 hottest email marketing trends and learned how different brands use them in marketing campaigns. Let’s sum this data up with these 3 tips:

    1. Keep design consistency throughout all the marketing materials. Using a gradient layout for your email, but never using bright colors in other materials might confuse your clients.
    2. Mind your audience: any trend you use should match client preferences. Too much interaction might be overwhelming for seniors, but fun for Gen-Z.
    3. Don’t forget about A/B testing. Today technologies open so many opportunities for businesses. You can test a color combination, a subject line, an animation — anything you like.

    Even more trends, tips, ideas, and inspiration for your future designs? VistaCreate’s blog has you covered, so stay tuned!

    Lera Babko

    Copywriter at VistaCreate. Loves music, movies, art, and traveling. Dreams of a house in Iceland, where she could write.

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