An eye on design: 15 designers to follow on Instagram

    An eye on design: 15 designers to follow on Instagram

    Have you ever wished to refine your visual taste? What if we tell you this: now, you can do so just by scrolling through your Instagram feed.  ...

    Have you ever wished to refine your visual taste? What if we tell you this: now, you can do so just by scrolling through your Instagram feed. 

    Of course, to better your design skills, you would want to take niche courses, read expert articles, or try to create something on your own. But the fact is — to create good design, you first have to train your eye to notice good design. 

    Instagram is a perfect place for that, as it’s a haven for thousands and thousands of gifted designers from all over the world. Indie illustrators and collagists, branding agencies and typography gurus — all of them are out there posting their greatest works for your inspiration. 

    In this article, we celebrate 15 Instagram designer accounts that give us goosebumps. Read on and get ready to click those “follow” buttons!

    How we curated the top designers to follow on Instagram

    To create this list, we reviewed dozens of designer profiles on Instagram — agencies, design buros, as well as independent designers. We tried for this list to be a balanced selection of different styles, social media design trends, and design types. Below, you’ll find creative works of all kinds — from posters to advertisements, typography, and even 3D design. Enjoy!

    15 must-follow designers on Instagram

    1. Guillermo Flores

    Guillermo Flores, known on Instagram as Orbehstudio, is an art director working on illustrations and collages. He is famous for his works for Cirque du Soleil, Citi Private Bank, Burning Man, Marc Jacobs, Sephora, and Nike. In his art, he rethinks floral designs into modern collages with a pinch of Pop Art and surrealism.

    2. Marina Veziko

    Marina Veziko is a graphic designer and creative director from Helsinki, Finland. She designs a lot for beauty brands, art projects such as exhibitions, art fairs, and even theaters. Marina is also a part of @few_magazine, an online media about minorities. 

    We loved her recent campaign for @packhelp, aimed to celebrate different aspects of the entrepreneur lifestyle, as well as the identity for Kelet, a documentary.

    3. My name is Wendy

    My Name Is Wendy is an art studio that focuses on art direction, identity, lettering, motions design, and plenty of other creative services. Some of their clients include Adobe, Nike USA, Mac/Val Museum, Fast Company, Art3, Coca-Cola, Biennale de Lyon. We especially love their color choices, as it combines neon, blackish tones, and gradients.

    4. Sergiy Maidukov

    Sergiy is a Kyiv-based illustration artist with his designs mostly covering the events in Ukraine now. In his bold artworks, he combines straightforwardness with intense colors, and focuses on heroes’ feelings and moods. He creates illustrations for many newspapers worldwide, such as The New York Times, The Guardian, and The New Yorker.

    5. Typosters

    Typosters is a collection of typographic posters, updated daily. Here, you can find posters for music events, theaters, museums, with a particular attention paid to typography. We recommend following this account if you’re in search of your regular dose of inspiration for business posters.

    6. Éloïsa Pérez

    Éloïsa Pérez is a French designer who creates artworks for books. In her art, she employs pastel colors, simple round forms, and, what we like the most, one-of-a-kind typography. Éloïsa is a PhD candidate at the University of Sorbonne. She also shares kids handwriting and its graphical influences on her Instagram account.

    7. Profi Aesthetics

    Profi Aesthetics is a graphic studio based in Frankfurt/Main and Berlin. The team combines classical design systems with contemporary visualization. We especially loved the design of Mayhaus, a book, and the Prozessfarben catalog.

    8. Yulong Lli

    Yulong Lli is a Shanghai-based freelance illustrator. He explores new ways to tell stories through different colors and creates compositions in illustrations. He refers to his works as a fusion of eastern and western culture, inspired by vintage posters, modernism art, and graphic design.

    9. RAWART

    Designers unite! RAWART is a Frankfurt-based designer community that operates worldwide. Their Instagram page is a depository of posters, letters, editorials, branding, and UI concepts. Work submissions are open to everyone. Will we see your art there one day?

    10. Rohan Dahotre

    We adore all things wildlife. If you do too, then you definitely want to take a look at Rohan Dahotre, an illustrator from Pune, India. Apart from digital art, he also works on storybooks, calendars, and other printed pieces.

    11. Juse

    Time for marvelous font usage! Juse, a designer residing in Valencia, is perfect in his brave and vivid works. He designs for governmental agencies, festivals, parties, and more. On his account, he also shares bits of his daily life and what inspires him to create new designs.

    12. Alex Schlegel

    And here comes the 3D! Alex Schlegel is a motion designer from Hamburg. He creates amazing 3D compositions, graphic face sculptures, wildlife, and more. We admire his works, some of which are completely out-of-this-world — go see for yourself!

    13. Manon Prost

    Manon Prost works on brand design in London, UK. She creates design concepts for clothing brands, food companies, cafes, and beauty care products. Manon puts her whole heart in her works, as they are sensual and sincere. We especially loved her projects for Willow, where she designed a fresh and aspirational brand identity for a UK yoga studio, and a brand identity that feels friendly and creative for Blick.

    14. Johnny Terror

    Johnny Terror, an artists based in Tokyo and Berlin, strikes with his characters’ personalities. His artworks are a fusion of cyberpunk and sci-fi. As an artist, he gets inspiration from trash films of the 80s and 90s.

    15. &Walsh

    &Walsh is a NYC creative agency that does all things strategy, branding, and advertising. We love the character of their works, consistent whether they’re creating for a fashion brand or a food company. We loved the color choices and smooth lines in their recent campaigns for Parle and Plenty.

    As you can see, Instagram is a perfect place to immerse yourself in different design styles, as well as  indulge in posters, typography, and illustration. Save this list, adjust your Instagram news feed a little — and go create your next design. With inspiration taken from this list, we’re sure you’ll create an Instagram post that’s going to pop on your feed and be a bit…unexpected. Happy designing!

    Mariia Shnyrkova

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