VistaCreate on Product Hunt: How We Secured Success

    Explore our detailed overview of VistaCreate’s launch on product discovery database Product Hunt – the preparation process, the most effecti...

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    VistaCreate templates for Product Hunt launch

    Explore our detailed overview of VistaCreate’s launch on product discovery database Product Hunt – the preparation process, the most effective promotion tactics, mistakes, achievements and plans for the future.

    VistaCreate first launched on Product Hunt in the summer of 2017. We became Product of the Day and Product of the Month. We are still in the Top 30 most upvoted products on the platform. In this post, we are telling the story of our success – our preparation process, promotion tips, results, lessons learnt and our best advice for anyone planning to launch on the platform. Find the Product Hunt launch Kit by VistaCreate below + collection of FREE templates!

    The Why

    Why even put the effort toward preparing and promoting your Product Hunt launch?

    Users flock to Product Hunt to hunt for new products that can make their life a little (or a lot) easier: Product Hunt features tools for productivity, AI, better user experience, marketing, design, analytics, photography, wearables and internet of things, games, task and social media management…

    How popular is the tool? According to SimilarWeb, 8.3+ million visited every month over the past 6 months. Product Hunt’s Alexa rank is currently 3,911 globally, and more than 40% of the visitors come from the US.

    VistaCreate launched two products on Product Hunt – graphic editor in August of 2017 and animated designs a year later.

    VistaCreate editor currently has over 5,000 upvotes, holds the titles of #2 Product of the Day (August 29, 2017), #2 Product of the Week (August 29, 2017), and #4 Product of the Month (August 2017). Animated designs by VistaCreate have over 1,000 upvotes.

    The two launches helped a bunch of people discover VistaCreate. We’ve got over 40,000 direct visits from Product Hunt, and that’s excluding organic traffic, search, mobile, and visits from Product Hunt email newsletters.

    Just in the past 2 months – 2 years after the first launch – 600 people came to VistaCreate from the platform. It really is a long-term story.

    Image from Product Hunt

    These are the key gains from our August 2017 launch on Product Hunt:

    • more than 30 publications in media across the globe (in 8 languages),
    • more than 11,000 direct referrals from Product Hunt,
    • valuable feedback and advice on how to develop the editor,
    • average daily visits to VistaCreate surged to 3x higher than before the launch.

    Overall, VistaCreate became a recognizable brand and established itself as one of the serious players in the market of online image editing services.


    Step 1. Create an account on Product Hunt.

    To be allowed to post your product, your account needs to be at least 1 week old.

    On your product page, you need to list product maker(s). You can list yourself as a maker, and if you want to list or add someone else, make sure they have Product Hunt accounts.

    Step 2. Explore the platform.

    Image from Product Hunt

    Engage with the products presented on Product Hunt, see what product descriptions and visuals other companies post, read user comments and participate in conversations.

    This will help you get a feel of what the tone of conversation on the platform is, what users are most interested in – both product-wise in general and specific aspects of your product the users might want to know more about.

    Step 3. Learn all about launching on Product Hunt.

    Here are some useful materials Product Hunt own blog post and some sound advice from Foundr.

    Step 4. Prepare your launch materials. 

    Here’s everything you might need for your launch:

    • Product Hunt profile copy (tagline, category, related topics, 260-character long description, first comment about the product),
    • Product Hunt profile images (thumbnail, at least 2 images for the product gallery),
    • promotional video for your product (Product Hunt only accepts YouTube videos),
    • promotional images and texts for your social media and website to invite friends and customers to rate your product on Product Hunt,
    • links to publications about your product.

    Both your Product Hunt profile and promotional content for external platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, other social media or your website, are important.

    Let’s be honest, everyone is finalizing their launch materials totally last minute.

    Here at VistaCreate, we’ve been through the Product Hunt journey twice, that’s why we know exactly the kind of visuals you need. Which is why we’ve put our minds together and created sets of themed templates that you can customize in seconds – just add your copy and logos – and have your Product Hunt launch set ready in no time.

    As pictures draw the most attention, your visuals for the launch and promotional posts on your social media profiles and website popups can make or break your result.

    Step 4. Do the legwork.

    Your next preparatory step is everyone’s most hated kind – networking.

    You need to do 2 types of it:

    • looking for an influential hunter to announce your product and influencers on social media to support it,
    • building a community of users around your product who will come and upvote and comment on the Product Hunt product profile page,
    • letting all the people working on your project know the exact launch date and promotional activities you want them to participate in (like posting an update about the launch to their friends).

    Once you have everyone excited for your product, you are ready to launch.

    Step 5. Check for competitors.

    Maybe I should’ve led with this one. Before you start any preparatory activities – check to see if there are any competing launches scheduled on the day of your launch.

    VistaCreate finished second as Product of the Day on August 29, 2017, only because Product Hunt 4.0 launched some 7 hours after VistaCreate graphic editor:

    We did profit from the situation because the Product Hunt’s own launch attracted more traffic to the platform, meaning more people were checking out other products, including VistaCreate. More on our results below.


    If you’ve done your homework and prepared everything well, the promotion should be a calculated success.

    Here’s how to let everyone know about the launch:

    • post on your company website, blog, social media profiles, send out an email update,
    • invite everyone working on your project to share the launch news with their social circles via social media, blog and email updates,
    • ask your partners to talk about your launch on their social media, in emails, blog posts, etc.,
    • arrange media publications timed with your launch.

    Another important aspect is engaging with everyone trying out your product – answer all the comments on your Product Hunt profile and participate in the conversation.

    Prepare your team to be on standby for any questions that might start rolling in with the increased traffic to your product.

    Regardless of your results, make sure to thank your users, friends, and partners for supporting your launch!

    We did the hardest part of the job and prepared everything to help launch your Product Hunt campaign successfully!

    What We’ve Learnt

    Prior to launching our 3rd Product Hunt campaign, we’ve talked to other companies about their experience and took a close look back at our previous two launches (and hindsight is 20/20). This is what we’ve learnt:

    1. Having enough resources (time and people) to carefully plan your campaign is key.
    2. Visuals make all the difference – if the picture you post on Facebook with your announcement is not attractive enough, no one will click it, and the algorithm will downgrade it, decreasing the number of people learning about your launch.
    3. Email is important – personal messages to your users, friends and partners about the launch are important. Contrary to a popular belief, everyone loves to do you a favor if it’s the one they don’t have to work for:)
    4. Summer is not the best time to launch – your partners are on vacation, the city is half-empty, many journalists reply with automated out of office messages.
    5. Hunting down a top hunter to launch your product isn’t a dealbreaker.

    Our Best Advice

    After two launches on Product Hunt we’ve decided to launch again.

    This time, it’s a product that’s designed to help other people launch on Product Hunt! If you are having Inception flashbacks, you are not wrong – we’ve created sets of easy to customize templates for launching on Product Hunt and that’s the product we are launching on Product Hunt.

    Here’s what our packs include:

    • Product Hunt profile image
    • product gallery images
    • your Facebook cover
    • Facebook announcement post
    • Facebook followup thank you post
    • Instagram post
    • Twitter post
    • banner for your website announcements

    What’s more – they are all FREE to use, customize and download. We’ve even got the trendiest thing of the moment, animation, available for your Product Hunt kit in VistaCreate! Create animated Product Hunt posts for Instagram or Facebook using VistaCreate Square Video Post format.

    Create an account in VistaCreate or log in with Google or Facebook, and you are good to go. Your Product Hunt visuals will take you a grand total of half an hour.

    Thank us later;)

    VistaCreate Team

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