VistaCreate & NoWaste Ukraine: Mission “nowaste”

    VistaCreate & NoWaste Ukraine: Mission “nowaste”

    VistaCreate collaborates with NoWaste Ukraine to create 17 stylish and fully customizable design templates. Find the collection using the “nowaste” ...

    VistaCreate & NoWaste Ukraine: Mission “nowaste”

    VistaCreate collaborates with NoWaste Ukraine to create 17 stylish and fully customizable design templates. Find the collection using the “nowaste” keyword or simply click on the button below.

    Use the keyword “eco” to find more similar-themed templates. Use these designs to create social media posts and spread awareness about environmental issues.

    The “nowaste” collection of design templates

    Waste kills our planet, it endangers species, and on top of that, we breathe contaminated air. It’s hard to imagine what Earth will look like in a couple of years if we continue to produce tons of waste.

    VistaCreate teamed up with NoWaste Ukraine (NWU) to spread the word about the importance of a no-waste lifestyle.

    VistaCreate & NoWaste Ukraine: Mission “nowaste” NoWaste Ukraine is a Ukrainian social project that promotes waste recycling and creates real sorting solutions. NWU opened the first public sorting station in Ukraine — “No Waste Recycling Station”.

    VistaCreate Editor’s team mission is to remind others that important words can and should be shared through simple, beautiful, and therefore effective design. Social media posts, ads, presentations, and flyers will be noticed and remembered if they are designed according to the latest digital trends. With thousands of professionally designed templates, people can save time on the design process, and devote more to saving our planet.

    This collaboration is a way to encourage people to consume responsibly, and inspire them to create more insightful, on-trend social media content about environmental issues.

    You can download templates as they are or edit them. Delete or add more design elements to the template, replace text and fonts, change colors, and add your own visual content. On top of that, you can add animation, video, and music to your designs, create multi-page creative projects, remove backgrounds from images, and set design presets, which is useful if you need to make a lot of visual content daily.

    Before no waste, there’s always less waste

    Our planet has been actively expressing despair in the last few years. Climate change, carbon footprint, earthquakes, deforestation, bushfires, impacted ecosystems, and more red flags.

    No wonder more and more people are switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle, which includes conscious consumption, waste sorting, recycling, and other activities aimed at reducing human impact on Earth.

    VistaCreate & NoWaste Ukraine: Mission “nowaste”

    Many fashion brands are trying to develop new manufacturing habits, while various oil-producing and engineering conglomerates are given tight deadlines to reduce their carbon footprint. People are also starting to build in an environmentally conscious way: green roofs, cave-like structures, 3D-printed houses from recycled materials, and homes that don’t require cutting down trees.

    These are small steps towards a no-waste future, and it starts with a less-waste mentality.


    The ins and outs of conscious consumption

    Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, and compost. These are more than encouraging words—they are the building blocks of a no-waste philosophy. If you want to adopt this philosophy, learn more about conscious consumption, which expects you to:

    • Ask yourself whether you really need to buy something.
    • Avoid products with plastic packaging or multiple layers of packaging.
    • Buy reliable, long-lasting items.
    • Choose products that are made from high-quality materials.
    • Try to repair things before throwing them out.
    • Compost organic waste to reduce methane emissions on landfills.
    • Recycle every product or material that can be recycled.

    VistaCreate & NoWaste Ukraine: Mission “nowaste”

    Quality before quantity

    Conscious consumption doesn’t only mean consuming less. It’s also about giving a second and third life to an item. But unfortunately, it’s almost impossible if the item is made from poor-quality materials.

    Modern clothing brands are against fast fashion, which is quite controversial. It seems like popular brands measure their success by profit and the number of sold items. But it’s not about numbers anymore. It’s about client loyalty, which still means profit, but also shows that a company sells high-quality products. Many brands give us hope for a better future, where quality wins over quantity. For example, clothing brand Patagonia, which encourages us to:

    Buy less, demand more.


    It sounds like an easy job compared to a more strict no-waste concept, so it easily resonates with many. This way, you still consume, but at least you produce less waste. And who doesn’t want to save the planet these days?

    Kinfill, for instance, reminds us how important it is to reduce the quantity of single-use plastics in our daily lives. And they suggest starting with biodegradable cleaning products—recyclable glass bottles with a refillable, eco-friendly concentrate.

    In ever more aspects of life, the consequences of the choices we make on a daily basis are becoming increasingly apparent.


    The brand’s responsible attitude towards nature, “easy and convenient” approach, and modern packaging make it a rare find for anyone who is environmentally conscious.

    Sort and recycle

    An eco-friendly way of life can’t exist without waste sorting and recycling. In fact, these are key things to do. Here’s why:

    Waste generation has increased massively around the world in recent decades, and there are no signs of it slowing down. By 2050, worldwide municipal solid waste generation is expected to have increased by roughly 70 percent to 3.4 billion metric tons. This is due to a number of factors, such as population growth, urbanization, and economic growth, as well as consumer shopping habits.


    For the planet, this means even more soil contamination, water and air pollution, and anything else caused by poor yield, bushfires, and animal extinction.

    VistaCreate & NoWaste Ukraine: Mission “nowaste”

    Be ready for change

    Switching to sustainable products is not enough to go completely no-waste. It’s also about a change in mentality and lifestyle. Let’s call it the new minimalism—a process of uncluttering not just your wardrobe or fridge, but also your thoughts and life in general. For some people, it can be rather painful, while for others, it is a relief. Either way, a no-waste lifestyle requires sincere desire, full commitment, and a lot of effort.

    Nature has a voice and we need to listen

    Nature can’t speak words, but it can speak fires, tsunamis, and droughts. Many understand this language as an accidental occurrence. And some people understand it differently—as a cry for help and a signal to act immediately. But how exactly can we act to help nature recover from exhaustion?

    At least do something

    Even occasional, environmentally-conscious action can help our planet. You would already be helping a lot by doing one of these:

    • bring reusable shopping bags
    • use less plastic
    • practice “plogging” (jogging while picking up litter)
    • plant trees and flowers
    • reduce water waste
    • switch over to LED lightbulbs
    • stop killing bees
    • compost organic waste
    • eat more plant-based food instead of meat
    • use digital notes instead of paper notebooks
    • talk about environmental issues to spread awareness
    • join local or global sustainable programs

    Invest and support wisely

    Today, we have a million options to choose from—from food, makeup products, and furniture, to appliances, gas, and bed linen. Our decision to support a business is what leads to their success. Who wants to support a company that pours their profits into a bad cause?

    Try to investigate the company’s policies, values, and partners before actually supporting them with your money. Don’t forget about local businesses that are always struggling to withstand corporate competition.

    VistaCreate & NoWaste Ukraine: Mission “nowaste”

    Connect and communicate

    Now, social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter play a crucial role in connecting people, and allowing them to have a productive global talk about everything—from mental health to natural disasters.

    It’s important to support communities of non-profits and activists on social media, in order to spread awareness about the climate crisis. These people always take action and reach out to everyone interested in their journey towards a greener future.

    Meet Alice Aedy, a talented photographer and film-maker, activist for climate justice, and founder of Earthrise Studio. Alice always brings up important topics for discussion: climate disasters, oppression of colonial legacies, human rights, feminism, personal self-doubt, and more.

    Alice inspires our generation to finally start taking steps towards a more sustainable, green future. She shows how important it is to help legal funds and initiatives that invest in biodiversity, support indigenous people, and combat excessive waste. She reminds us how awesome it is to have freedom of choice. We can buy a high-quality fleece jacket once because it lasts forever, or invest money into a bank that supports green businesses, simply because we can.

    Good planets are hard to find, so let’s look after this one.

    —Alice Aedy

    Wrapping up

    There’s hope for a faster recovery, because more people are starting to care about the climate crisis and our environment. Let’s at least start with baby steps: communicate openly about the problem, buy less, refuse single-use plastics, and recycle anything we possibly can.

    VistaCreate Team

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