33 Creative Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

    33 Creative Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

    Brainstorming on the Valentine’s Day ideas? The card is probably the first and simplest thing that comes to mind. Those invitations to “Be My Valentin...

    Brainstorming on the Valentine’s Day ideas? The card is probably the first and simplest thing that comes to mind. Those invitations to “Be My Valentine” first went into fashion in the 14th century when the art of courtly love bloomed amongst the sirs and dames. In the 19th century, handwritten Valentines have been replaced by mass-produced printed cards.

    valentine day card

    But now all your cards can be customized again. To help you create a one-of-a-kind romantic note for your one-and-only, we collected 33 great Valentine’s Day printable designs. Stay with us to see them or jump straight to your sweet Valentines’ category:

    Also, check out Valentine’s Day templates we gathered earlier to help you jump-start creating in VistaCreate if you don’t want to waste time doing everything from scratch.

    Valentine’s Day cards ideas for friends

    Do you want to make a Valentine’s Day card for a friend, but not too cheesy? Just have some fun – take a bunch of your personality, pepper with the things you both like and top up with the inside joke. Here are some cute Valentine’s Day card ideas for best buds.
    vday card for friends

    1. Social Media Valentine Card

    Chances are high you and your boo are both big on Instagram or Twitter. Go download that best selfie of you two right now, and use it to make a special card. Throw in some memes or a glitch,  and give a social media pun – like, skip all hearts and replace them with succinct “Double Tap”.

    2. Netflix and Chill Card

    Is there a better way to spend Valentine’s Day in 2020 than Netflix and chill with your babe, nurturing that JOMO? Just get cozy this year, and to get the message across, make a card themed with your favorite show.

    3. Meme Valentine Card

    This hilarious #ComicSansValentines meme launched by @ComicValentine is so Facebook. Use simplified photo cutouts, uber-plain background, phony font, and a well-honed pun. Now, this is a recipe for a real love concoction.

    4. “Friends” Card

    Did you know that thirty years later “Friends” is still #7 on the list of the most-watched series? Team Rachel&Ross or Team Mondler, just celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime friendship by referring to the most laughed jokes since the 1990s. We’ll be there for you, too.

    5. Gym Buddies card

    Want to support your friend with their New Year resolution goals? Go bold with the fitness-themed card. Cardio alone is an endless source of romantic puns, and don’t forget to pump it up with some bulked up designs and meaty jokes!

    Valentine’s Day cards ideas for her

    Making a Valentine’s Day card for a girlfriend is like walking a minefield. Lucky for you, we researched some of the most interesting trends in this field to trace your route to a really happy Valentine’s day. Now, let’s see card ideas that resonate with modern girls.
    vday card for her

    1. Minimalist card

    If you want your message to go straight across, avoid all distractions. A plain background and a short message are all you need. And keep it digital to avoid the excess.

    vday card 32. Traditional card

    The homemade cards for Valentine’s Day, like the ones Julia and Paul Child have been sending to their friends, are a lovely tradition “born from failing to send Christmas cards on time”. Such cards make the loveliest keepsakes, and are so easy to create! Pick your favorite picture together or go the extra mile by doing a setup photo. Most people do it for Christmas, yes. But to tick off the box as a most romantic couple? Do Valentine’s.

    3. Retro-inspired card

    If you’re into the type of girl who likes creepy and quirky things, try going for a retro card. The style of Valentine Day’s mass-produced postcards of the early 20 century is full of porcelain dolls, frills, kisses, and blush. To add an extra spin, get your names drawn into the chosen retro image.

    4. Feminist Card

    In the world of strong women, many are actually questioning gender-stereotyped holidays such as Valentine’s. Show respect and equality as the cornerstones of your love to your special girl by making a feminist card – and be ready to get one back, too.

    vday card 45. Anime card

    Cute Valentine’s Day cards go to cuteness overload when taking the anime route. From the Fullmetal Alchemist realness to chubby chibi manga, girls can totally find the character they relate to. And what is your favorite Japanese cartoon? Be kinky.

    6. Shakespeare card

    Nothing says Class like a quote from this evergreen English classic. Do not limit thee to the poems. Think theatre, love advice, beauty and drama, and Romeo and Juliet of any kind, The Shakespeare in Love and young Leo DiCaprio are sure to drive a sign from your beloved.
    vday card 5

    7. Non-pink card

    This content campaign from Tiffany makes our hearts beat a little faster for several reasons. One of them is definitely a pretty turquoise color. Why not use a trending blue palette for your girlfriend this year? Standing out has never been a bad thing.

    8. Celebrity card

    Nicolas Cage puns are a classical Valentine’s card filler, yet there are much more in Hollywood nowadays. Do you know your significant other’s idol? Go for their quotes and biography anecdotes. Nothing says “I know you” like saying exactly what is on the person’s inspiration board.
    vday card 6

    9. Newlyweds card

    Are you a new family this year? How about celebrating this great event in your life by creating a very special Valentine’s Day card with your wedding photos? Use hallmark-like teddy bears, lots of hearts and timid soothing pastel colors to create a gentle message filled with your happiness.

    10. 90’s kid card

    “Love is… to feel like kids when you’re together”. Valentine’s cards for millennials are a thing, and if you both are 90’s kids, look no further. Think of your favorite pre-teen kicks, games, TV shows, and snack brands to find a way that’ll hit a sweet spot in your darling’s “cool kid” heart.

    11. Relaxation card

    A secret to making a card that goes beyond expectations is thinking it through. Do you know that your dear one has a stressful period in life or just a rough day at work? Show your care with a relaxing and happy Valentine’s Day card – send some anti-stress coloring and a kiss.

    Valentine’s Day cards ideas for him

    Looking for a Valentine’s Day card for boyfriend? Make sure to not send too many kittens and ruffles not to scare your crush off. Among Valentine’s card ideas for guys, the romantic messages get across better when spoken in the man’s preferred language.
    vday card for him

    1. Sports fan card

    If your boyfriend loves athletics, get his heart pumping by making a Valentine’s card with his favorite sports team or players. Add a sporty pun to your message and a hint that you wouldn’t mind doing a workout together later in the day.

    2. Geeky card

    The smart is sexy, and the numerous cute geek Valentine’s cards have proved it over the last decade. Science-proven way to the heart of your favorite botany professor would be picking the right formula. Mix two parts of Star Trek with one part of Doctor Who, add a pinch of Lord of the Rings, and serve in Gotham city.
    vday card 7

    3. Gamer card

    Are you into a gamer who needs to be constantly yanked from their device for another kiss and selfie? Show them how lucky they are to have such a nice yanker nearby. Tip: get bonus points for extreme personalization by referring to the right game.

    4. Brutally honest card

    Hate Valentine’s Day? Say so. Don’t believe in the money-sucking industry of the chocolates, teddy-bears, roses, and restaurants? It’s totally okay. With a brutally honest card, you can say it as it is, in plain Arial. And no need to send flowers, send it by email. He will appreciate.

    5. Pin-up card

    Do you want to show your tiger that you’re always behind his back? Go get’em. Stroke that ego and be a good girl. But to keep it balanced, just remind that behind every successful man there is a woman.

    6. Work slang card

    Did you know that lawyers, farmers, and doctors are most likely to marry people with the same professions? Are you among the couples who share the same occupation? Then underline that special bond of yours. The designers will know what we’re talking about here.

    7. Doodles card

    A cute DIY Valentine’s Day card can be made by high-school-like doodling. Dudes love doodling, so pick that pencil and start drawing. If you’re rather in the digital tools, use simple handwritten fonts and lay some fun scribbles over your boo’s picture in the graphic editor.
    vday card 8

    Valentine’s Day cards ideas for kids

    Celebrating Valentine’s Day in kindergarten and preschool is a romantic and cute occasion. When making the cards for children, keep in mind their favorite characters and first of all, have fun!
    vday card for kids

    1. Emoji card

    Why use words when you can use emoji? In a world of feelings, few pictograms speak more eloquently than thousands of symbols. There is no better way to show your emotions, literally.

    2. Animal card

    Cute little poems with nice animal illustrations are a lovely set to give away to girls or boys alike. Make these gender-neutral Valentine cards with your toddler, and handstamp lovely hearts on them together as a final touch.

    3. Coloring card

    This is not just a card, this is an experience to share! Let your kid bring them to school on Valentine’s day with a pack of scented felt tips, and be sure that on a certain point he will be coloring his heart off with all his or her crushes.

    4. Lego card

    Lego-themed Valentine Day’s cards are a brilliant gender-neutral solution. Colorful and cheerful designs allow for the number of themes. Just add your friends’ names and faces to your favorite figurines, and it’s a true block party!
    vday card 10

    5. Gross card

    Primary-aged boys are not very likely to be amazed by glitter hearts. How about playing the gross card? Use the anatomically realistic hearts and zombies to drive lots of ewwwws, yikes, and excitement in the classroom.

    Valentine’s Day cards ideas for moms

    Why do Valentine’s Day cards for moms? One, because mom is usually the first big love in our lives. Two, because never ever will your mom get enough of you saying “I love you”. So why not use Valentine’s day opportunity to do it?
    vday card for moms

    1. Sweet card

    To make a really sweet personalized card, remember the name your mom called you when you were little. Add your childhood picture and a handwritten cordial note, maybe even a flower drawing, to remind her of the good times.

    2. Language of love card

    To impress your mom this Valentine’s, write a card in French. We promise it will make her heart go can-can. Works even if you’re in France! Use a foolproof phrase like “Bonne Saint-Valentin, maman! Je t’aime beaucoup”, and be showered with her happy tears.
    vday card 11

    3. Brood card

    A great idea for siblings who have a good sense of humor. Use the picture of baby animals and send your mom love from all her kids at once. Isn’t it adorable? The funniest part is to choose the animal that suits your family – and your mom – best.

    4. Grandma card

    If your mom is blessed with grandkids already, greet her with a Valentine’s card for grandma. Take a group picture of her grandkids and ask them to add a few scribbled hearts. Don’t forget to add a huge lip smack kiss from yourself, as well!

    5. Collage card

    Make a template card layout with a contoured space for handmade add-ons. It can be stickers, beads, memorabilia like travel tickets or childhood drawings, or even a simple heart made from colored paper scraps.

    Go After Your Heart

    Making an outstanding Valentine’s Day card is easy with few creative touches. The best tips we shared in this article are:

    • Personalize your design
    • Induce creativity
    • Share keepsakes
    • Insert memes
    • Go classic

    Share your favorite ways to celebrate the darling persons in your life! Be it your best friend, your partner, spouse, colleagues, classmates or family members, make sure to send them a cute card this year.

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