#LoveMyLocal | The coolest Ukrainian brands according to  the VistaCreate team

    #LoveMyLocal | The coolest Ukrainian brands according to the VistaCreate team

    Greetings from the VistaCreate team – a part of the global Vista family of products whose mission is to be the expert design and marketing partner to...

    Greetings from the VistaCreate team – a part of the global Vista family of products whose mission is to be the expert design and marketing partner to small businesses. 

    During the whole year, we exist to elevate what’s remarkable about every small business, and when the holiday season arrives – we can’t help but celebrate the greatest small businesses around the world. 

    Since we’ve got a team of almost 150 people located in Ukraine, we made a list of the coolest local Ukrainian brands the world needs to know about. So here it comes – our love letter to small business owners in Ukraine – the most comprehensive, carefully curated list of amazing local brands (according to our humble opinion). 

    Take a look, shop now, or save for later. Support the local! 

    Something to wear 

    There are reasonable grounds to believe that soon enough Ukraine will be called the new fashion mecca of the world. Take a look at our selection of local clothing brands and you’ll agree it’s just a matter of time. 

    Zmist — every piece of clothing is not just a piece of clothing but a manifesto, literally. 

    Three.percent.apparel — a male clothing brand that blesses you with the superpower of being comfortable, confident in your looks, and always ready for whatever it is you have planned for the day.

    Rikky Hype — sportswear you won’t take off.

    GRMN BRANDa cool brand with basics that don’t limit your style, but give the opportunity to be yourself.

    Z O H Ooversize sportswear with laconic design and excellent quality.

    Keepstylea clothing brand with a simple and clear design that allows everyone to find something for themselves.

    doingfine — backpacks made of extremely beautiful Italian leather, oversize sweatshirts and cardigans with, perhaps, the most beautiful color palette on the planet.

    THE LACE — exceptionally feminine clothing. 

    JUL — Ukrainian mass-market brand, known for its unique collaborations, (almost) always sold out.

    byMeclothes that matter.

    HARPER’S HOMEWEAR — #iwokeuplikethis clothes made for home, but you’d definitely wear this elegantly crumpled oversized shirt everywhere.

    Wool Happen — we bet you hadn’t seen such sexy knit clothes until now.

    KULAKOVSKYtimeless leather pieces to be in love with for ages.

    Vika Adamskayathe brand for those who live their best life with a big portion of humor. 

    NUGA — our Head of PR thinks these are the best sweaters and satin skirts in the world. 

    Katimōpremium clothes you won’t miss a single mirror with.

    KATSURINAa brand with Ukrainian soul and New Yorker style.

    CULTNAKED — Ukrainian brand with fans as far away as in Hollywood. Much loved by Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner. 

    AVECLO — a brand producing quality casual clothing for those who are really into comfort and style. 

    TTSWTRS  — well, that’s the only brand we’ll take with us if (when) relocating to Mars. 

    TOTAL WHITE — a brand that produces quality garments exclusively in white color, they’ve got both bridal and casual collections. 

    KNITME — that oversize knitted sweater that’s too Instagrammable to resist buying it. 

    TOUCH TO female clothing from a brand with a truly inspiring mission. 

    OURSELVES — this brand has just dropped a limited collection of clothing inspired by Princess Diana, and it looks cool.  

    CIRCUL — handcrafted shoes that are very popular among Ukrainian fashion influencers. Worth taking a look at! 

    DAFF — truly great collections of quality minimalistic clothing that’s often so difficult to find. 

    Wanderlust — clothing for travellers by Ukraine’s most popular traveller Anton Ptushkin. 

    TOTÉ — just perfect suits and outerwear that looks like a modern classic. 

    NCYZIPa brand producing clothing that works as a constructor.

    KSENIASCHNAIDER — a Ukrainian jeans brand that’s deservedly famous all around the world. 

    BEVZA one of those brands they call new luxury. 

    Litkovskaya — clothing from one of the greatest Ukrainian designers. 

    Sleeper — ever asked yourself, what if there was a pyjama you could wear (and look gorgeous!) not just at home? This brand is the answer (spoiler alert: a positive one!) 

    Mate — a high-quality casual clothing brand that also lets its customers build their own merch line.

    HVÓYA — hand-made shoes and bags we can’t take our eyes off (available for personal orders). 

    NORBA — sportswear designed for women by women. 

    SYNDICATE KYIV — street-casual clothing that was originally born in Ukraine, but has grown popular among Berlin and Tokyo crowds. 

    Zitkani — silk scarves that deserve to be called true masterpieces. 

    Dodo Socks — if our feet could talk, they’d tell you DoDo was their lovemark. 

    Something to complete your look 

    Another thing Ukraine’s really good at is accessories. Jewelry, hats, bags, and wallets, you name it. Below is a list of our personal favorites – from on-budget options to the new luxury. 

    Bagllet — minimalistic genuine leather bags Ukrainians have been happily buying since 2003.

    Ruslan Baginskiy — you can find the name of this brand in every other girl’s wishlist (and we’re not surprised by that at all). 

    HAVE A REST  — if suitcases could get a star on the Wall of Fame, these cuties would definitely get one. 

    VerbenA Handbags — another brand of handbags that’s getting increasingly popular among Ukrainian fashionista. 

    DARI CO — the brand has got a bodysuit of any possible color, design and size. Tested and approved by at least 3 girls from the VistaCreate team. 

    Slash Dot Dash — a store that features all the cool Ukrainian jewelry brands. 

    Alona Makukh Jewelry — if you’re brave enough to wear huge earrings and rings that look very raw and natural, you’re going to love this brand. 

    DARI – this brand was among the first to introduce modern minimalistic jewelry designs to Ukrainians and it’s still a trendsetter in the industry. 

    Agape Jewelry — check this one if you’re into silver and pearls. 

    BRUÁ — just imagine a jewerly whose designs are influenced by the female body, the architecture of Zaha Hadid, and sculptures of Constantin Brancusi. 

    LUTIKI jewelry — what if jewelry collections were TV series that drop season by season every now and then? 

    verbal note — tote bags with notes for every day and mood. 

    tsatsa petsky — bright and brave jewelry for the… brightest and bravest among us.

    Sa Pasé — minimalistic jewerly for everyday use. 

    PURE — this studio is famous for casual jewelry available in silver or gold.  

    Guzema Fine Jewelry — handmade jewelry collections by one of the most charismatic personalities in Ukraine. 

    Something for a homey home 

    Here in Ukraine, we love to make our homes cozy. And as much as we love huge global brands like IKEA, Zara Home, and others, those can hardly compete with the niche local production we’re lucky to enjoy here in Ukraine. Take a look for yourself. 

    GUNIA Project — all collections of this brand are inspired by ethnographic research and traditional culture. 

    SYAYVO — scented soy candles that simply radiate aesthetics. 

    TEPLOa brand of aromatic soy candles offering a variety of designs. 

    GUSHKA — wool items for your home – puffs, carpets, and more.  

    Roseri — soy candles for those who celebrate life. 

    ЩОСЬ ЦІКАВЕ — this brand is good at mixing nature and glass to produce interesting home decor items. 

    CUBITO — an exceptional furniture brand that’s giving a second life to trees that were destined to die. 

    Something to keep you beautiful 

    Cosmetics is something we’re good at, too. The number of local brands on this list might not be as sophisticated as it is for clothing or accessories, but again, it’s only a matter of time. As for now, don’t miss these brands when traveling to Ukraine. 

    VAPA — eco, cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics. 

    OZERO SPACE — a go-to place for anyone who’s into zero-waste life. 

    horoshe — body scrubs and essential oils that smell like heaven. 

    NATUREAL — home SPA cosmetics made of organic ingredients, cruelty-free. 

    Moon&Rune — a natural cosmetics brand that looks cooler than Kiehl’s and Aesop combined. 

    Lac Sante — a brand with natural cosmetics developed by professional technologists. 

    By-cosmetics — cosmetics that’s got the heart of Ukraine and ingredients of Bali. According to a very authoritative opinion of our PR lead, their serum works just as well as psychotherapy. 

    Something to entertain you 

    We’ve got a few local brands that produce cool board games, a few publishing houses that produce books that are almost too beautiful to be real. Most of the games are available in English, too, but as for the books – well, it might be the reason to start learning a new language. 

    Playersgetready — psychological cards game for two (perfect for a cozy evening with your special someone and a bottle of wine). 

    Marketium — imagine Alias made specifically for marketers. Well, now go buy one! It’s so fun. 

    ЗНАЙОМЦІ — a card game that truly helps to get to know each other better and connect on a much deeper level. 

    I LOVE GUIDES — the most aesthetically pleasing printed magazine with guides and routes around modern Ukraine. 

    Osnovy Publishing — an independent publisher known for producing really beautiful and quality books. One of Ukrainians’ favorite! 

    Gifty — a go-to place for gift shopping (don’t miss the special goose collection, it’s hilarious!) 

    Something drinkable and edible

    Ukraine boasts its local cuisine, it’s true. We’re spoiled to live in a country where food is so delicious and natural. When in Ukraine, make sure to look for these brands to bring back home as souvenirs – here in Ukraine we’re convinced that food makes the best gifts. 

    ТОМ this is the most famous peanut butter among Ukrainian influencers, it’s even safe to say this peanut butter is an influencer among other peanut butter brands. 

    Номер Дому — craft confectionery producing delicious fudge and candies made of Belgium chocolate (the packing is so good it makes a perfect gift for any sweet tooth). 

    SPELL CHOCOLATE — if you, too, think that salted caramel is the food of Gods, make sure to order some at Spell. 

    eat easy • — the official drinks of the VistaCreate team (almost no kidding), and also the only brand producing healthy snacks that taste as good as junk food! 

    UKRTOMAT5 tastes of dried tomatoes even people in Toscana are jealous about. 

    Something for kids 

    Brands whose target audience is the smallest and cutest of us deserve a tiny little list of their own. You may or may not have kids, but looking at what these brands produce will definitely make your heart melt (we tested even on the toughest team members). 

    Zootoys that are made of cotton wool and magic. 

    Philomena Kloss — it’s not just a teddy bear, it’s a personality with its own name, story, character and set of clothing. A perfect gift for your kid (including that inner child therapists recommend to please every now and then). 

    Wood Heart Houses — whatever you’re busy with, stop and take a look at these wooden houses, you can even order a copy of your own house, wow! 

    Yerikova Liubov — these tiny little toys can pause all the office work for two hours (we’ve tried, so we know what we’re talking about). 

    Knitted Craft — exceptionally cute knitted baskets for your kids. 

    Miri likes this — a tiny brand producing tiny decor and toys made of wood. 

    This list is already long enough, but it’s definitely going to keep on getting longer. And we’re committed to updating it every now and then, just to make sure all the local brands of Ukraine get the attention they deserve

    Shop small, support local, and…stay tuned! 

    Oksana Tunikova

    Brand manager for VistaCreate. Oksana enjoys writing about creative economy and marketing. When out of office, she likes traveling, reading, practicing yoga and listening to podcasts.

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