New Animated Logo Format

    New Animated Logo Format

    Meet the fresh-new format in VistaCreate—animated logo! Lots of new templates are waiting for you to edit them and make the coolest logo out ther...

    Meet the fresh-new format in VistaCreate—animated logo! Lots of new templates are waiting for you to edit them and make the coolest logo out there for your business.

    New Animated Logo Format What’s so cool about animated logos?

    Static logos are totally fine, they look beautiful and they’re more stable within all platforms you put them on. But animated logos look great because they can tell a whole story of your brand, show its USPs, or just entertain customers! Even though they can slow things down a bit, they’re truly attention-grabbers.

    Animations always work better than static designs when your goal is to catch attention. People love everything that moves. Especially when it moves in a funky way.

    New Animated Logo Format

    Animations are so flexible! For example, if there’s a character on your logo, with the help of animation you can make it very cute, or serious, or funny, or literally whichever you want. You can change the emotions and looks of your character depending on the season, holiday, or specific marketing campaign. We did this with our old logo:

    New Animated Logo Format

    New Animated Logo Format

    Animated logos still look innovative. This is a rather new trend, and some businesses don’t have animated versions of their logos yet. Use this as an opportunity to stand out before someone else does it for you!

    If you want to make an animated logo for your own brand in just a couple of minutes, you know what to do 😉

    Just take a look at these examples of animated logos of famous brands skillfully crafted by various designers. Aren’t they awesome? Of course, they are. But the key point is that nothing stops you from making a similar one for your brand.

    New Animated Logo Format

    Google – Motion People by MadVitas

    New Animated Logo Format

    Twitter Logo Animation by YaroFlasher

    New Animated Logo Format

    Instagram Logo Animation by Alex Goo

    New Animated Logo Format

    Snapchat Logo Animation by Alexander Pyatkov

    New Animated Logo Format

    Behance Logo Animation by Iryna Draguntseva (Luzghar)

    There are two ways you can make an animated logo in VistaCreate. The first one is to make it using our pre-designed templates:

    • Log in, go on the homepage and select Animated Logo format or type it in the search bar and it will open on your artboard.
    • On the left panel or the artboard you will see our cool ready-to-use logo templates, so pick the one you like. If you need a specifically-themed logo, just browse categories or type whatever you need in a search bar.
    • Once you picked a template, play it with a button on the bottom of the page, and decide what you want to change.
    • Change the colors of design elements, the text, and even animation itself. We have a huge library of design objects to assist you with that. Just take two minutes to explore what we have and then customize it, scale, rotate, put it on the back or front layer.
    • Add animated effects. All objects on your artboard can be animated, including text!
    • Don’t forget about the background. You can pick a solid color to put it on the back of your animation or choose a short video clip, photo, or image from our massive library.
    • Download your design in a format that fits you best.

    The second option is to create everything from scratch.

    • Log in to your account and click on Set Dimensions on the right side of the home page. Input dimensions for your future logo and get to work.
    • Add background, text, and upload your own images, illustrations, or photos. Also, upload your own font if you don’t see the fitting option in our library.
    • Play with masks, lines, and shapes.
    • Animate every object you want by applying animated effects. Or use animations from our collection to add more spark to your logo.
    • Add video text. It looks awesome, especially with short words. Just pick a beautiful video clip and put it inside the text.
    • Click Play each time you want to check how your animation looks like. Once you’re happy with the outcome, download your design and put it as a logo on any platform that supports your format.

    New Animated Logo Format

    Where to use animated logos

    Everywhere! Well, not literally everywhere but where the platform allows uploading images in GIF format and putting them as your profile picture. Here are just a few places to put your animated logos.

    On your website

    It’s your website, so you can do whatever you want. Including an animated logo. Just create a GIF that shows your brand’s competitive advantages and put it in the website’s header. You can also change the logo depending on what’s going on in your business or all over the world. Have fun!

    Change the looks of your logo for Christmas, St. Patrick’s, or Easter. Use a marketing calendar to always know what’s the next holiday to pay attention to. Don’t forget to congratulate your target audience with important local or international events.

    Make different versions of your logo for the times when you have big updates or other important news to share with users. Draw their attention in a most obvious, simple way.

    See what a beauty Fubiz did for their website:

    New Animated Logo Format In emails

    Last year, our Email Marketer changed VistaCreate’s static logo in emails to the animated one. So when you receive an email from us and open it on mobile, it looks like we showcase below.  Noticed that our logo stands out from others? 😉

    New Animated Logo Format

    New Animated Logo Format

    Anyway, right after that, we started to receive emails with questions on how we did it. And then we noticed other brands changing their static logos to animated versions.

    We may not be the pioneers of this trend, but we are happy that brands are now using animated logos as a way of making user inboxes bright and festive like there’s a huge party going on 🎉 Amazing!

    On social media

    Research whether it’s possible to put a GIF image or a video as an avatar and give it a go. For example, Facebook lets us set short looping videos as profile pictures since 2015. However, not all brands saw this as a perfect opportunity to animate their logos. Why not try it? Let’s make Facebook great again!

    In branding videos & ads

    Making ads to promote your business? Do it via Instagram and Facebook? Make an animated logo and put it as an intro or outro of your video ad.

    For instance, we do this for our tutorials that help users to get familiar with VistaCreate’s functionality at its fullest:


    Wrapping up

    Let’s animate everything! Kidding. But also not. Animations are awesome, we love them and we want you to love them too. Moreover, it’s so easy to create them in VistaCreate. You don’t even need to have the experience to make professionally-looking animations.

    And there are many ways to use animated logos for better brand recognition or simply for fun. Find your own way and make it work. See ya later!

    New Animated Logo Format

    VistaCreate Team

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