All You Need to Know About Online Design Tool VistaCreate

    VistaCreate is a video and graphic design tool for everyone – it will help you create visuals for social media in just a few minutes (be it a p...

    All You Need to Know About Online Design Tool VistaCreate

    VistaCreate is a video and graphic design tool for everyone – it will help you create visuals for social media in just a few minutes (be it a post, video Story, or an ad), design a business card or a flyer, create marketing collateral for print, social and blogs, as well as create long-form content like presentations and eBooks.

    Vast video library and a collection of video templates can help create engaging content quickly and without advanced technical skills.

    Who can create designs in VistaCreate?

    VistaCreate editor is for anyone in need of visuals for their work or hobbies – marketers, social media managers, solopreneurs, small businesses, students and teachers, organizations and clubs…

    Since no design skills, software or knowledge is needed to operate VistaCreate’s intuitive interface, everyone can become their own designer using the tool.

    You don’t even need photos or videos to create visual content as VistaCreate has a built-in library, but more on that later. Let’s start with the essentials.

    VistaCreate at a glance

    • Free editing tools – photo effects, crop, fade, contrast, saturation
    • 300 free fonts
    • 18,000 ready-to-use templates
    • 4 video formats – Full HD Video, Instagram Video Story, Facebook Video Cover, and Animated Post
    • Thousands of photos and videos in the built-in library
    • Shapes, stickers, icons, illustrations, lines, borders, frames
    • Animated backgrounds and objects
    • Option to upload own images and sort designs into folders
    • Themed templates for major holidays and events
    • Easy resize into any format

    What can I create in VistaCreate?

    In total, VistaCreate offers 40 editing formats complete with large sets of designer-made templates, including:

    • Video formats – Full HD Video, Animated Post, Facebook Video Cover, Instagram Video Story
    • Social media posts and covers – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest
    • Ads for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and web
    • Images for blogs
    • Youtube channel art and thumbnails
    • Email headers
    • Presentations and eBooks
    • Posters, flyers, postcards, invitations, gift certificates
    • Business cards

    You can also set the dimensions of your desired image or illustration yourself:

    online graphic editor set own dimensions

    How do I create something in VistaCreate?

    To make an image, illustration, a video or animated design in VistaCreate, pick a format and go to the editing interface. Browse available templates, add your text, adjust design elements and images and download your file.

    Here’s a quick tutorial:

    What do I need to start working with VistaCreate?

    To test out the editor, you only need access to the internet and standard desktop browser, like Chrome. Choose your format set dimensions and go to the editing interface.

    online graphic editor crello interface

    Once there, you can either create a design from scratch, using fonts, lines, shapes, stickers, frames, photo and video library or customize one of ready-made templates for each format.

    To save any designs you create with the editor, you’ll need to create a free account or log in through your Facebook or Google accounts.

    What if I’m stuck for ideas?

    For times when you just don’t know where to start, VistaCreate has an Inspiration page with sample designs for upcoming events, holidays or seasonal collections.

    Browsing templates by category can also be helpful to find designs that fit your industry or topic. VistaCreate’s templates for each format are filed into 22 categories:

    image and template categories in online graphic design tool crelloBeauty, Fashion & Style, Healthcare & Medical, Food & Drinks, Education & Science, Technology, Industry, Home Stuff, Real Estate & Building, Business & Finance, Transportation, Cities & Places, Travels & Vacations, Leisure & Entertainment, Holidays & Celebration, Sport & Extreme, Arts & Handcraft, Nature & Wildlife, Pets, Religions, Social Activity & Charity, Kids & Parents

    What sets VistaCreate apart?

    • Hundreds of video and animated templates for social posts and ads
    • 13,000 free templates
    • New templates are added to the database every week
    • Collection of designer animated templates and objects
    • Animation and video can be added to your static content
    • 1,200 videos to use in designs on any topic
    • Free instant resize of any template you choose to any desired format
    • 3,000 free photos
    • 4,000 free icons and illustrations
    • Free unlimited storage for created designs, uploaded images and fonts
    • Unlimited folders for uploaded files and created designs
    • Multipage designs – eBook, Presentation, Business Card, Flyer, Postcard
    • Free option to add unlimited pages to all static designs (to test competing ideas, translate content in other languages, etc.)
    • Constant upgrades: new formats, features, design options

    What if I have questions?

    If you have any issues with your designs or the interface, you can contact our support team here or talk to fellow VistaCreate users and our team members in VistaCreate Users group on Facebook.

    VistaCreate Team

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