5 Graphic Design Trends to Elevate Your Designs

When you come across something strange-looking, but nevertheless alluring, you’ve just stumbled on a potential trend. If you continue seeing a simil...

2019 graphic design trends

When you come across something strange-looking, but nevertheless alluring, you’ve just stumbled on a potential trend. If you continue seeing a similar pattern more frequently, it’s likely the start of a new trend at its early stage. Graphic design trends come and go, but it’s good to start early and incorporate them into your work if you want to create something a little more edgy.

We put together just 5 big graphic design trends from this year so far so that you can enrich your visuals with a few touches of modern graphic design, and truly make them ‘trendy’. Instead of tackling all the major trends that have appeared this year, we’ll focus on the top 5 so you can start working with them right away.

1. Gradients and bold colors

Many of the top website designs this year feature gradients and bold colors, becoming graphic art first and design second. It’s become a consistent trend as designers go the ultra-minimal route, focusing on the power of colors. This year, expect to see bolder color choices and unconventional combinations of colors in gradients.

graphic design trends gradients and bold colors

Daily Posters by Magdiel Lopez 

2. Animated designs

Much can be said about the growth of video in the past year, but this notion of including movement in static designs is becoming a prominent trend. We can all agree that animated designs are more engaging and this is going to be the year when we see the widespread use of this format. This trend is now popular for brand logos as well.

 VistaCreate’s animated designs

3. Custom artwork and illustrations

To top it off, animations and illustrations go hand in hand, providing a more artistic and quirky approach to design across multiple disciplines.

Custom artwork adds a more personalized touch to designs, particularly website design.

4. Accent on typography

Aside from the exciting innovative techniques with colors, illustrations and moving designs, copy still has a special place in graphic design. It’s worth noting that many designers experiment with typography to achieve desired effects in different projects. There is also a trend of using typography and merging it with the ‘digital paintbrush’, making fonts stand out more.

2018 graphic design trends typography

Paintblast Vol.1  by David Milan

5. Deconstructivism

As for compositions, we’re seeing the celebration of controlled chaos, achieved in chopping design elements, cropping them and breaking apart compositions. This technique gives designs more unpredictability, making them more attention grabbing in the process. It’s also very experimental and visually alluring when designers break up compositions in unconventional ways.

2018 graphic design trends deconstructed

It’s Like a Jungle Sometimes by Eric Satie

The verdict of the year is that you shouldn’t fear colors even in the simplest of designs. It’s the time to experiment with the basics that all seem to have had their spotlight throughout the past couple of years. 2019 introduces an experimental and artistic wave of design trends, all of which would be great additions to the projects you’re working on right now.

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