10 Brilliant Ideas for Christmas Social Media Campaigns

    10 Brilliant Ideas for Christmas Social Media Campaigns

    Christmas is just around the corner! Twinkling lights, jingle bells, Santa's gifts... Nothing can turn it into Grinch and steal your festive mood, ri...

    Christmas is just around the corner! Twinkling lights, jingle bells, Santa’s gifts… Nothing can turn it into Grinch and steal your festive mood, right?

    Not quite.

    Even though we all anticipate the winter holidays as “the most wonderful time of the year,” the Christmas season brings new challenges for most marketers and SMM specialists:

    How do you plan a Christmas marketing campaign? What digital channels do you use for customer engagement? When isn’t it too early or too late to start? And what’s even more challenging is figuring out how to design Christmas content to appeal to all your clients and inspire new ones to follow your brand.

    No worries! Here is your Christmas gift from Santa: the ultimate pack of social media Christmas ideas for inspiration and reference.

    In this huge guide, you’ll find out more about:

    Ready to celebrate?

    What Makes a Social Media Campaign Successful?

    To come up with a working social media campaign this Christmas, every business has to have a thorough brainstorm to figure out how to:

    • get people in the holiday spirit
    • increase engagement 
    • spike sales

    With so many goals in mind, how do you keep things light and cool? VistaCreate has you covered. All you need is a few really good ideas. This involves a brainstorm session with your team about campaigns that are within your timeframe and your budget, looking at some examples of best social media campaigns for the holidays, and here we are with just 5 simple (but also brilliant) Christmas social media campaign ideas!

    The most important rule – set clear goals. Only with a solid plan, you’ll be able to measure your success. Your goal this holiday season is to create a feeling of community around your special holiday campaigns.

    For a campaign to be successful, it needs to be promotional of your business, work towards building brand awareness and lastly create a sense of community. You have to focus on creating a subtle campaign that is more about the festive spirit than blatant advertising of your business.

    Successful campaigns unite people with common interests and make them want to share their experiences with friends, colleagues, and family. In a sense, your campaign (if successful) will prove to be a great PR stunt and get people talking.

    Christmas Video Campaigns

    Video remains the most shareable form of content. When it comes to spreading your campaigns like wildfire on social media, the video should be your go-to.

    Yes, it is time-consuming. It takes a team to put together an excellent video. Think about the nature of your business and the message you’d like to send off to the world. To make video content versatile, focus on your concept and a strong message and let visuals tell a story.

    Include some humor, make fun content or tap into emotions and making something memorable and informative. This type of strategy and end goal will be more influential and inspire users to share the content.

    If you’re short on time and really don’t have the budget to carry out a video campaign, consider creating short videos, bite-sized, Vine-like content for your social media accounts. These types of videos don’t need much editing and can be made in a short period of time.

    Christmas Card Designs Ideas

    For business and marketing, even if your brand is small, it’s a must to build strong relationships with clients. A simple Christmas photo with warm wishes and greeting can turn a follower into a loyal customer, as it’s one of the best ways to express your appreciation and show that you value them.

    With so many Christmas card designs ideas online, it’s a challenge to choose one Christmas card template for your holiday campaign and make that drawing sparkle. So, to make it easier for you, we’ve gathered the best Christmas pictures designs in one place.

    And if you want your cool Christmas card design ideas to be unique, feel free to design images and create graphics online at VistaCreate. You can use the huge collection of free design templates here and customize them to your brand style and tone of voice.

    Give the reins to your imagination, and don’t be afraid of striking some as being “too much creative.” Just look at these cool Christmas card design ideas from brands:

    Such a traditional attribute as a Christmas tree alone can become a source of unique ideas for your holiday cards.

    Or, experiment with styles: design your greeting graphics and ads so they would look like retro photos:

    Inspire Christmas UGC

    We’re getting to the good stuff. A Christmas social media campaign about your brand, made by your fans can actually do wonders for your marketing plan. Not only do you get unique, user-generated content (UGC), it actually brings on incredible engagement and exposure for your brand.

    10 Brilliant Ideas for Christmas Social Media Campaigns

    The boost of engagement happens when you encourage your social media followers to take part in your campaigns, with a branded hashtag. It also contributes to building credibility and ensures a more loyal audience.

    See how users can contribute to promoting your brand this holiday season. Is there a way for them to show them using your products? Come up with a unique hashtag for this purpose and watch your followers work towards raising awareness about your great deals.

    Christmas Insta and Facebook Ads Ideas

    When it comes to winter holidays, all brands get excited to come up with the best Christmas social media campaigns. No wonder: it’s a great chance to build awareness, engage the target audience, go viral, and grow the community of loyal followers online.

    Christmas advertising has always been an art. Each year, brands compete with each other for our interest and positive emotions. And their top Christmas Facebook post ideas, as well as their Instagram post ideas for Christmas, speak volumes:

    Want to impress followers with an eye-catching cover photo, good ads, or holiday stories on social media? Design Facebook posts and create Instagram designs here. Free to try and easy to navigate, VistaCreate instruments make magic and gift inspiration this Christmas.

    Whatever your niche is, Christmas is the best time to show there’s something in your brand beyond marketing and sales. Code the elements of your business mission into a holiday campaign -clet the audience see your values and communicate your message with the corresponding design of your Christmas social media ads:

    Christmas Social Media Contest Ideas

    Christmas is a time for sharing. With that in mind, marketers use this holiday as peak time to build brand awareness and increase referrals. They grab customers’ attention with the best social media contest ideas and brilliant Christmas giveaway contest ideas to maintain users’ holiday mood.

    Giveaways perform exceptionally well on social media. What’s even more exciting is that if you get some business or partners involved, you’ll expand your audience to impressive numbers. When we get down to the basics of it, people just love the possibility of being potential winners.

    Use your social media platforms to host a giveaway and make sure the focus is on your products.

    You can do one big giveaway, or many small ones depending on what you can afford to give away without losing on margins. This can be something very simple like a gift certificate to your online or physical store. People tend to be on the lookout for this kind of stuff on social media at this time of the year.

    Christmas contests from brands on social media are so different yet all cool and inspiring to follow. Just look at what they do.

    “Do something creative – and win!”

    “Come up with a caption and win prizes”

    10 Brilliant Ideas for Christmas Social Media Campaigns

    “Guess or vote – and win!”

    “Follow or tag – and win!”

    Think of a unique hashtag for your holiday contest so you could follow participants and their reactions.

    Also, feel free to organize contests among employees in the office. Most companies do this for office mates to experience holiday mood, take part in the party, and share emotions on Facebook or Instagram, promoting your brand among friends.
    Christmas contests ideas are many, and you can easily design images and videos for your holiday social media posts in VistaCreate.

    “Write – and win!”

    “Share Christmas photos – and win!”

    Create a Unique Christmas Gift Guide

    Your followers and fans actively look for presents at this time of the year. Put your efforts together to create a sophisticated gift guide for your business. You can create a separate Christmas guide for families, men, women, children, and even pets.

    If you’re offering your goods and services at special prices this holiday season, let everyone know. Creating compelling gift guides also makes them more likely to be shared on social media to help other fellow shoppers find gift ideas.

    Countdown to Christmas

    10 Brilliant Ideas for Christmas Social Media Campaigns

    Here’s a chance to get really creative. The song 12 Days of Christmas is on every holiday season, and it’s an opportunity to have some fun and celebrate on social media.

    Get all your social media channels involved. Think about your product, and what you can highlight as a pattern for 12 days. Don’t just list the products for each day, consider creative content like an animated post like in our first example.

    See if you can inject some holiday spirit into your 12 days till Christmas, and offer some value to your customers and followers. Be informative, fun, and concise.

    If you provide services, you can break down the different elements and explain how diverse your business is. You can also ad exclusive discounts for each of the days to make it more likely for your posts to be shared. Big bonus: adhere to the numerical pattern of 12 Days of Christmas.

    Christmas Recipe Card Templates

    Your audience has tons of tasks to complete by Christmas day: decorate a Christmas tree, buy and wrap gifts, design holiday cards for all relatives and friends, organize a holiday party… But there’s one more thing to prepare – a menu of Christmas food recipes!

    The list of Christmas dinner ideas is never-ending online. Make it easier for readers: choose a few best Christmas recipes and share them on the blog or social media for readers to cook in the kitchen.

    Gingerbread cookies

    No holiday would be complete without gingerbread cookies! Here and here are your best recipes to share. To structure them, feel free to use templates for recipes in VistaCreate.

    Christmas punch

    Holiday recipes wouldn’t exist without Christmas drinks. They are many, but a cranberry punch is a top choice of Christmas fans. It’s not just lip-smacking and easy to prepare but also eye-pleasing. The festive look of this cocktail is what your audience needs for Christmas mood.

    Check the recipe here. For those who don’t drink, a cranberry sauce is the option to try.

    10 Brilliant Ideas for Christmas Social Media Campaigns

    Another traditional Christmas drink we all have seen in movies is Eggnog! Sweet and creamy, it’s a favorite of most Americans and Canadians in the Christmas season. Here go your recipes to share.

    10 Brilliant Ideas for Christmas Social Media Campaigns

    Christmas meat

    Every state has its most iconic Christmas recipe, but no holiday dinner goes without meat. Turkey, pork, steaks, rib roasts… Choose your favorite – and design them with our digital recipes templates to share with readers.

    10 Brilliant Ideas for Christmas Social Media Campaigns

    Best Christmas fonts

    With so many great-looking Christmas design fonts available online for free, you can download and use them for marketing emails, cards, social media posts, and other Christmas designs. More than that, there are tons of Christmas font generators to try for free; but why not celebrate the holiday season with the well-tried Santa fonts?

    Choose among the best fonts for Christmas cards, celebrating the triumph of typography and making your designs bright and fun.

    Dear Santa: a Christmas font that looks like it was written by a child.

    Chopin Script: a combination of thin letters and lines makes this font elegant and one of the best for winter holidays cards.

    Xiomara: easy-to-read yet looking festive, this font looks cute and best fits pastel colors.

    Harrington: a classic Christmas font, clean yet decorative enough to catch the holiday spirit.

    I Love Christmas: this font looks handwritten and friendly, adding a personal touch to your Christmas message.

    Antrokas: both thick and thin, this font’s letters look elegant, turning your texts into a polished masterpiece.

    Kingthings Willow: a font with elegant letters decorated with Christmas stars every here and there.

    Santa’s Sleigh: a font that makes you Christmas text vintage-looking.

    Frosty: based on the Frosty the Snowman cartoon, this font adds snowflakes to your text.

    Sevillana: this Christmas font looks ornamental thanks to its round letters and spiral flourishes.

    Grand Hotel: the decorative accents of this font make it perfect for Christmas texts.

    Christmas Card: a vintage font that makes your text look like an old card.

    Sofia: thanks to its upright stance, this Christmas font is easy-to-read yet cheerful and holiday-looking.

    One Starry Night: a font with swirls and looks, invoking the Christmas magic.

    Maratre: a calligraphic font with beautiful loops that look elegant and make it perfect for holiday greetings.

    Candy Cane: candy twists in letters make this font look dynamic and playful.

    Pacifico: with its cute curves, this font looks handwritten and, therefore, warm for Christmas greetings.

    Magnolia: elegantly calligraphic, this Christmas font will make your holiday designs look stylish.

    All are available at FontSpace, 1001fonts, Dafont, and FontSquirrel.

    With any of these best Christmas fonts, you’ll craft nice and merry cards or marketing commercials. More than that, all they are easy to download in VistaCreate and use for creating original postcard designs online.

    Stay true to your brand this Christmas!

    With all the ideas and designs we’ve armored you here, your Christmas marketing campaigns will delight customers and not just add a holiday “noise” online. Evoke positive emotions, promote sharing, connect people with the advent of this winter season – and you’ll get not only loyal customers but also conversion growth in the long run.

    ➡️ If there’s one place to start, it’s your Facebook marketing! Check out these Christmas themed templates.

    VistaCreate Team

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