20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for a Creative Entrepreneur

    20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for a Creative Entrepreneur

    There's no shortage of "Valentine's Day gift ideas" online. But with the onset of remote work and the harsh reality of lockdowns, romantic trips and d...

    There’s no shortage of “Valentine’s Day gift ideas” online. But with the onset of remote work and the harsh reality of lockdowns, romantic trips and dining out may not be feasible gift ideas anymore.  Plus, many of us started new careers and explored the new normal of entrepreneurship. A refreshing change!

    Don’t enter Valentine’s Day unprepared! 👆🏻

    We assembled this list of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a busy creative entrepreneur because we believe you can come up with a much better gift than a card this year – though we always love a cute card, too.

    There is something for a busy business builder in this guide to have a successful Valentine’s Day this year and, honestly, for years to come! From simple, classic gifts (of course, a bouquet of flowers!) to more unique options (think of a “List of reasons why I love you” notebook).

    However, one thing applies to every item: They are just as thoughtful, interesting, and practical.

    And if you’re a little late, you will surely find some great last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas, too.

    Customized portraits

    We love the cute, cartoonish look of custom portraits. They are an incredibly personal way of honoring your other half (or other half-to-be). Create your portrait on VistaCreate and have it printed in a matter of days.

    Valentine's Day gift ideas for entrepreneurs

    Start creating with this template

    A posh notebook with a romantic message on the cover

    Every entrepreneur needs a notebook for collecting ideas and composing to-do lists. You can choose from different sizes, colors, and designs and get them personalized with a fun and romantic message. Check out these ideas:

    Best Valentine Day gift ideas for entrepreneurs


    Framed Instagram prints

    Simply select your favorite Instagram images of the two of you together and into a stylish collage using VistaCreate templates:

    Valentine's Day gift ideas for entrepreneurs

    Start designing your collage

    Back & neck shoulder heated massager

    Working from home may be the new norm for the foreseeable future, which makes this gadget the best gift of all. Added bonus: this Valentine’s Day gift can be shared with the gift giver!

    Best Valentine Day gifts for entrepreneurs


    Waterproof shower speakers

    Gift your partner something you can enjoy too, for all of your singing-in-the-shower sessions.

    Best Valentine Day gifts for entrepreneurs


    Heated coffee mug set

    A special gift to keep your beloved entrepreneur’s mug warm all morning long, and it’s easy and fast to use, too.

    Best Valentine Day gifts for entrepreneurs


    Wireless BlueTooth speaker

    Who’s tired of laptop-generated muzak? Me, me! This vintage-inspired speaker is the perfect Valentine’s Day shared gift for a romantic evening (and for many other evenings to follow.)

    Wireless BlueTooth speaker

    A seriously good-looking pajama set

    Who else is guilty of pretending they’ve completed a full morning’s to-do list before the status meeting? This cute long sleeve cardigan and matching pants are marketed as a “smart casual” office outfit.

    Valentine's Day gift ideas


    A wearable blanket hoodie

    Is it a blanket? Is it a sweatshirt? Does it really matter when it’s as comfy as this? Also known as sherpa blanket and sweatshirt throw, these items are especially useful during early morning Zoom meetings when you need to cover up those PJs and look at least remotely professional.Sweatshirt Blanket,Oversized Sherpa Hoodie,Fleece Blanket,Sherpa Pullover

    Hmm, remotely professional – aren’t we all becoming it?

    Mates for Life print

    You can prepare your special entrepreneur an inspired art print that features illustrations of several different species, all of whom mate for life. Now, that’s a romantic and thoughtful gift. Find ideas here:

    Best Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

    Start creating a print

    Personalized wine labels

    “I love you more than wine,” reads this clever (and thoughtful) label. It’s the perfect way to liven up an otherwise ordinary Valentine’s Day gift.

    Best Valentine's Day gift ideas for entrepreneurs


    Heart-shaped waffle maker

    Busy startupers eat, too! This mini waffle maker is more than just useful. It also makes your heart skip a beat when your special person serves you breakfast like this.

    Valentine's Day gift ideas


    Desk warming candle

    Notes of jasmine, lavender, and mandarin make this “Love Potion” candle well worth the splurge. We bet your creative entrepreneur is also a big fan of minimalist branding.

    Valentine's Day gift ideas

    Affirmation cards

    Words of affirmation are a great way to start the day. Surprise your loved ones by placing them throughout their space on Valentine’s Day this year. Use this VistaCreate template or find the one that inspires you:

    Screen Shot 2021 01 28 at 20.47.14

    Heart-shaped bowls

    Make the busy desk organized with this dainty little wooden dish that can hold all sorts of bits and baubles.

    Valentine's Day best gift ideas


    Really, really comfy slippers

    With the onset of remote work and the downset of office attires, slippers gain importance. Treat your Valentine with some new slippers that are ideal for busy mornings, cozy work-from-home afternoons, and everything in between.

    Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


    Sheet face masks and eye patches

    Need to put that time between Zoom meetings to good use? Sheet masks make a great Valentine’s Day gift! Spruce your loved one’s at-home spa night with this variety pack of sheet masks and collagen eye patches. Especially useful during lockdowns and all sorts of quarantine restrictions.

    Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Facial Masks, Eye patches


    Retractable charging cords

    Let your busy marketer take charge of the keys—and keep their phone charged—with this keychain featuring a retractable charging cord.

    Best Valentine's Day gifts for a busy entrepreneur


    Love ❤️ T-Shirt

    Yes, it does give your special one a hint, and no, it’s not cheesy! Gift your partner this T-shirt that they can enjoy year-round. It’s comfy and can be paired with loungers for a lazy Sunday with your super-busy entrepreneur partner.

    Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


    Reed diffuser

    Spruce up the fragrance in your entrepreneur’s home office with the mind-sharpening and relaxing aromatherapeutic fragrance diffuser.

    Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


    Of course, you might be asking yourself: why not just make a DIY Valentine’s Day card – and VistaCreate offers tons of ideas for your inspirations!  – and sweat over ways to customize your V-day, especially in the age of lockdowns?

    We would say: you don’t have to choose between the two! Give your partner an unforgettable night (or an unforgettable day) and top it off with a small but special gift for Valentine’s Day.

    Don’t forget to share this day between the two of you so that you can give away the gift for your partner or find something you can both enjoy together!

    VistaCreate Team

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