20 Free Facebook Ad Templates

    These days, hosting a few ads on Facebook is routine work. You can spend generously on as many Facebook ads as you want, but that doesn’t mean peopl...

    These days, hosting a few ads on Facebook is routine work. You can spend generously on as many Facebook ads as you want, but that doesn’t mean people will respond. You know what increases your chances though? Creating eye catching visuals that stand out in the feed.

    We put together 20 free Facebook ad templates so you can take matters into your own hands and start designing ads in a few minutes. The amount of time spent on an ad doesn’t influence its success which is why a simple online editor is enough to create something truly memorable.

    Don’t hold back on your designs. Create memorable visuals using these Facebook ad templates as a basis to illustrate the nature of your business, your special deals or an ad for your content. With VistaCreate, you can create an Facebook ad design in the fraction of the time, edging a little closer to  creating more effective and powerful ads that inspire responses.

    1. Beauty

    A lot of beauty service clients come from strong social media presence. Enhance yours with our Solutions for beauty salon.facebook ad template beauty theme

    2. Fashion & Style

    free facebook ad template fashion theme

    3. Healthcare & Medical

    free facebook ad template medicine and healthcare

    4. Food & Drinks

    free facebook ad template food

    5. Education & Science

    free facebook ad template education and science theme

    6. Technology

    free facebook ad template about digital world

    7. Industrial

    free facebook ad template industrial tehme

    8. Home Stuff

    free facebook ad template home textiles

    9. Real Estate & Building

    If you want to make sure your real estate Facebook ad stands out from the crowd and generates leads, follow our tips and tricks. Check out Solutions for real estate!free facebook theme template Real Estate & Building

    10. Business & Finance

    free facebook theme template business and finance

    11. Transportation

    free facebook ad template transpoertation theme

    12. Cities & Places

    free facebook ad template with cities background

    13. Travels & Vacations

    free facebook ad templates travel theme

    14. Leisure & Entertainment

    free facebook ad template for international friendship day

    15. Holidays & Celebration

    free facebook ad templates for events

    16. Sport & Extreme

    free facebook ad templates sporty theme

    17. Arts & Handcraft

    free facebook ad template artistic

    18. Nature & Wildlife

    free facebook ad template nature theme

    19. Pets

    free facebook ad template pets

    20. Social Activity & Charity

    free facebook ad templates for social activity

    Check out VistaCreate’s inspiration page and the ‘Formats’ menu for even more Facebook ad templates. Simply pick your theme, and start designing.

    Also on Instagram? Use our selection of Instagram ad templates for your eye-catching campaign. Additionally, check out our Facebook business page templates and YouTube layout template haul.

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